Our History

Stages of development of the Moulin Fortuné Arizzi

Discover more than half a century of history that marks the stages of development of the Moulin Fortuné Arizzi


Fortuné and Jeanne Arizzi settled in Le Mas des Pins (The Pine Farmhouse), named for the lush pine forest that the house overlooks (see photo). The estate included the first hectare of olive trees located on a remote plot.



Fortuné Arizzi expanded his plot by purchasing land with Aglandau trees, a local variety prized for its fruity olives.


The first advertising and labels were printed with “huile d’olive pur terroir”(Olive Oil from Pure Territory).


Two additional olive tree varieties were planted on the property. Picholine, which is native to Provence, and Frantoio, which was imported from Tuscany by Fortuné Arizzi. Frantoio, the third and final variety, was blended with the others to create Moulin Arizzi Olive Oil, providing its unique flavor profile, as compared to local olive oils.


More olive trees and a used traditional mill were purchased in Riez.



An additional plantation of 1200 Aglandau olive trees were purchased, as well as a used continuous chain Alfa Laval mill, which enables producers to maintain and enhance each crop’s unique characteristics and intrinsic qualities.



  • Renovation of the farmhouse walls with beautiful pebbles from the Durance
  • Jean Arizzi is awarded “Knight of The Olive Tree” at a Mées olive tree celebration
  • Moulin Arizzi’s first film is made on the production of olive oil


  • Construction of the Moulin Arizzi Boutique
  • Construction and inauguration of the first Ecomuseum of Dovecotes in the Alpes-Provence-Côte d’Azur region


  • Inauguration of our Botanical Trail, which winds through a tree-lined park
  • Jeanne Arizzi is awarded the medal of the National Order of Merit in the presence of Elisabeth Guigou



Launch of our truffle-infused olive oil, made with black truffles foraged from the Moulin Arizzi farm.


Installation of a Provencal fountain on the Moulin Arizzi estate

Launch of the first website, www.moulinarizzi.com




Jeanne Arizzi is awarded the medal of the Legion of Honour in the presence of Hervé Gaymard



A new continuous chain Alfa Laval mill is purchased.




Launch of Moulin Arizzi’s new label

Moulin Arizzi wins the Gold Medal for Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the New York International Competition


Launch of the redesigned website